1st Love, Then Marriage

March 28th 2009 was the day we officially became a family.
We got married at our church, Fellowship of the Woodlands in a glass chapel that was absolutely breath taking

We were able to get ready at the church

Ava was there every step of the way

 I needed my dress super tight
 My mother in-law helping with my veil
 Kellie always looking out for Cody, my breathe was fresh
While the ladies finished getting ready, the boys were done & able to take some photos pre-wedding

 The ceremony its self was very traditional. I walked down with both my parents on either side
 to a Spanish acoustic guitar played by Justin Pena
 where I met with Cody, who was indeed crying
 and our 6 bridesmaids, Susan, Melissa, Monique, Kara, Kellie, & Stephanie
 and 6 groomsmen, Patrick, Lance, Kevin, Derick, Phillip, & Jay stood

 Our 3 nieces, Ava, Venicia, and Brianna lead the way throwing flower petals, all oh so adorable,
and Ava making sure my dress was perfectly straight the entire time.  
After we lit the unity candles,
 exchanged our vows,
 and had our first kiss as husband and wife is when our originality showed.
As we were presented to our family and friends Katrina & the Waves’ song “I’m walking on Sunshine” started and our entire wedding party, us included, danced out of the church. It was a great way to kick off what was to come.

 The reception that followed was entirely decorated with the center pieces Cody and I put together which laid on top of the overlays my mother sowed.

And the candy table Cody's mom put together, which was a big hit

We had karaoke and a DJ but our friends are AMAZING singers so it was like we had a live band.
 Our first dance was to Al Green’s Let’s stay together,” which we had a choreographed routine we took lessons for.
Then we had the father-daughter & mother-son dances

 Instead of doing the traditional garter toss Cody pulled out an EXTREMELY LARGE pair of women’s panties which every man dove for
yet when the garter that followed was thrown they all stood there staring in disgust.
 Then it was time to cut the cake, the best part.  We drew up a design which our caterers did a fantastic job executing
along with Cody's groom's cake, which was a welding machine
We had our cutter made, which we think is special
and then it was time for the grand exit which we did to sparklers
which made for great photos which were taken by our phenomenal photographers Marianna & Kelly Monaghan with Mia Bella Photography

And we're still living Happily Everafter....

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